Domesticated Stallions

Stallions have natural aggressiveness. They are born to have that kind of temperament. And because of this, they can dominate other horses even those who try to handle them. Though they can be trained and managed, it is still very necessary to continually train them so that they can obey and respect humans. While they are still young, they should already be starting to undergo training. A horse handler may have his own management style or way in taking good care of a “domesticated stallion”.

The term used for a horse that is trained and managed is “domesticated stallion”. If they are not trained and managed well, there is a tendency that they attack other stallions or even humans when their natural aggressiveness comes out. If a stallion attack a person through biting, it can cause a very serious injury. This is why strict training and good management should be done for a stallion to know how to respect humans. Some horse breeds are gentle and have a good temperament.

When taking good care of domesticated stallions, the horse handlers apply some management methods including confinement or “isolation” management. This management style is also called “natural” management which is applied to both a stallion and a mare. Again, even if a stallion is well-trained by an experienced horse handler, it is still required that handlers are to be firm and consistent whenever they train or manage a stallion. In this way, any serious injury will be avoided and for others to appreciate stallions more.