Horse Personality Types

Living creatures have their own personality types. It is not only humans who have it but even animals can be classified into different personality types. Each creature behave differently. And among the animals that have different personality types are horses. To those who want to handle a horse should first understand about the personalities of horses. Through this, you will be able to train and manage well the horse breed that you want to have. Whether you want a pony, a stallion, or a mare, know their personalities first.

Any type of horse breed can be classified into four personality types. Some horse belong to the “social” type of personality while others belong to “fearful”, “aloof”, or “challenging” personality type. Among these personality types, which one do you prefer? There are two of the best choices. First is the horse with a social type of personality and next is the one with a challenging personality type. For the social horse, playing with other horses is his interest and this horse can easily be trained.

While the challenging horse is more on being arrogant or proud of himself. This horse need to be taken care of a very experienced horse handler. If a beginner choose this type of horse, it will not be easy. There is also the “aloof” type of horse personality. This type of horse having such a personality is seen to be independent. Aloof horses can also undergo training in order to establish good relationship with other horses and horse handlers. And for a fearful horse, it does not want to be confined.